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| brianpeat

White Heart – Let The Kingdom Come (Drum Cover)

Update: This video was featured on DrumMan 190’s Drummers to Watch as the cover of the week on episode 34. Make sure you check out his series and subscribe to his channel!

This one was fun. In the end, I practiced it endlessly, and did 4 takes, 2 days in a row. I ended up using the last take, even though I missed a few cues. There’s one spot where I come out of a fill and bumped my ride so I missed hitting the 16″ floor tom. Another spot I missed a crash as I was over thinking it.

Anyway, overall I think it came out great. I shot this with 4 cameras (some borrowed): Canon 5D MK IV on the shot down over the hihats. A Canon 5D MK III for the shot across the floor toms. My Lumix G85 for the hihat close up and a Go Pro 7 Black for the overhead.

I also tried to match the original song processing so the intro drums are panned left with a heavy flange on the snare and a really crushed/compressed kick drum. Then it opens to a single delay snare for a few hits and then in comes the seriously 80s reverb snare.

I think it might be fun to make a “making of” video for this one to show all the parts in Logic Pro so look for that in the future.