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What is ID Labs?

ID Labs is my little corner of tech geeking out. It started with a few vintage keyboards that I figured I could fix. Then I got more keyboards, then a drum pad, then more keyboards that I was fixing for someone else. Then I picked up a Farfisa organ of all things.

Over time though, I plan to settle in to a groove of both helpful how-to videos and my work restoring a few pieces of vintage gear. I also plan to build a few support pages here to hold things I have had to scour the internet to find. For sure I plan to post my adventures with the Alesis QS line of keyboards and my quest to write to a PCMCIA card, which I finally have succeeded in doing.

Keep an eye on this page as I hope to update it often and thanks for visiting!

Gear I’m currently working on restoring or refinishing:

Yamaha DX7

Recapped and still no sound. Midi out works, all the buttons and the cartridge work.

M-Audio Keystation Pro 88

In pieces, removed contact paper and plan to vinyl wrap it.

Farfisa Mini Compact

Haven’t started this one. Plan to clean and re-tolex with bright colors and add a balanced output jack

Yamaha P95

Recapped the boards, still no sound. Not sure what the problem is yet.

Alesis QS 8.1

This one I’m keeping. I fixed 3 broken keys. Output is louder on the right side.