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| brianpeat

Switchfoot Float Drum Cover – Mapex Saturn III and sE Electronics V Pack Arena

This one is pretty laid back. I didn’t practice it much as I mostly just wanted to play the chorus with that 7/4 rocking beat. So the other parts are a bit weak or experimental. I do like what I played at about the 2:24 mark on the ride. I forget sometimes how good the bell sounds on that thing. The drums are up in the mix as I like to hear them when I do covers of songs (most of the time)

Also, I set my main camera up when it was set to HD, and then remotely flipped it to 4k. When I did that, it cut my head off but I couldn’t tell from my phone screen lol. So that’s why my head is cut off in the front shots.

Gear used:
Software: Logic Pro
Interface: Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK and Behringer UMC 202HD (for the overheads)
Mics: V Kick, V Beats on 10-12-14, V7 X on snare and 16″, sE8s on overheads and sE7 on Hihats
Kit: Mapex Saturn III Transparent Cherry 6 Piece Studioease config (10-12-14-16, 22×18 kick, 14×5.5 snare)