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| brianpeat

Rusty Chops: pulling out some old drumming sticking patterns I used to play

Here I was practicing to a click and seeing if ANY of my old sticking pattern chops were still in tact. A few aren’t bad, but they certainly need work. I used a few old patterns I learned in college.

Pattern 1 is simply playing double strokes in a triplet feel like RRL LRR LLR RLL. You can also do this using a paradiddle sticking, which is how I first learned. It bends your brain a bit if you’re not used to it, but it’s a good way to push yourself into more complex stuff.

The other pattern is a 6 stroke RLRRLL done in a swing across the ride, hihat and snare and then on the hihat and snare.

The rest is just me playing on my toms because they sounded so good in my in-ears lol.

My old sticking pattern book seems to be missing, but I do have some charts from college I may scan in and post at some point. They’re worth looking at.