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Nightbirde – It’s OK – Maple House Sessions Version (DRUMS ADDED)

Update: I read the sad news of Jane’s passing with a heavy heart. I hadn’t talked to her in years, and honestly we weren’t close by any means. I had lent her one of my Adobe licenses back in 2018 so she could work on some things. She left some files on my cloud account that looked like a book. I thought maybe it was the 100 pages she said she burned in this song, but it turned out to be dozens of poems and lyrics about her battle with cancer (please don’t ask for them). Even when she was a teenager in the youth group I volunteered in, I knew she was going places. Oh how far she went. Thank you Jane, for leaving a lasting mark of hope for so many. You won’t be forgotten.


This is NOT the official video. I tracked the drums at home and mixed them in to the original video. This will get tagged so Jane/Maple House get the monetization (as they should).

Go watch the original:

You can watch Nightbirde’s other videos here:
or just search Nightbirde on YouTube. She’s also on most social media as _nightbirde.