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My Big Fat Snare Drum / Tim Blates (@timbofromkeno) contest entry

@timbofromkeno and @bigfatsnaredrum are having an instagram contest and I decided to enter. The track you play along with is over 16 minutes long, but you don’t have to play the entire thing.

Something in the track reminded me of a groove I tried to use in my college senior recital but never ended up using. It’s a set of four 7/8 measures followed by four 8th notes, giving you 32 beats. It’s then played over four bars of 4 so it sounds a bit off but always turns around every four bars. You’ll hear it come and go on this. At one point coming out of that I messed up and got off the beat, but it sounded good anyway, so I left it in. That happens at just after the 2 minute mark and then you’ll see me pause a second and drop back onto the regular beat (I had a click in my ear) at around 3 min in.

Overall it was a really fun track to do.

Links to stuff:
The track:
Track 88 – Get Your Fatty McFat Fat Snare and Eat Yer Donuts

If you’re a drummer and you’re on instagram, I encourage you to join in the fun and enter the contest!