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| brianpeat

Leeland Way Maker Drum Cover

Someone posted this video:
and here’s the original Leeland recording complete with original drums:

So I pulled the audio and played along.

The sub kick at the beginning is an 808 sample from Logic Pro, eq’d quite a bit and finger tapped in via a Roland SPD-6 pad (too much cross talk to use a stick for this). The tambourine was already on the track, so that’s not me.

The drums are my Mapex Saturn III drum kit, in my tiny office, with cheap mics (except the sm 57 on the snare), a bunch of plugins and a TON of reverb.

The entire drum sub group has reverb added to give it more room ambience and I pulled it back in the mix to try to match the original track.

This was all done in Logic 10.6 through a Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK board and the Roland SPD-6.